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Skip Cain originally wrote these articles for Team Chevelle in 1997-8. Skip passed away from cancer in 1999. I'm sure he would be pleased to know that his writings continue to help other enthusiasts.

Automotive Calculation Programs

All the following available from this link

  • Aerodynamic and Rolling Horsepower
  • Acceleration Simulation
  • Best Differential Gear
  • Best Header Tube Length
  • Battery Cold-Cranking Amp Estimater
  • Battery Cold-Cranking Amp Temp. Adj.
  • Compression Ratio Calculation
  • Compression Ratio HP Change
  • Engine Displacement
  • Engine Displacement Conversion
  • Driveshaft Velocity
  • HP / Highway Dyno
  • Effective Tire Diameter
  • ET and MPH Environmental Correction
  • Flow - Horsepower/RPM Predictor
  • HP / Holley Jet Correction
  • Optimum Intake Runner
  • Miles-Per-Gallon Estimation
  • Fuel injector Sizing
  • Engine "Rough" Horsepower
  • RPM - MPH
  • RPM Range Computator
  • Shifting Point Calculator
  • Speedometer Calibration

Parts Suppliers
  • A listing of Parts Suppliers

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