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hello once again guys

had the starter motor refurbed and oh dear was it busted big time, things had started to melt and crack inside, i think they replaced everything except the case. got it fitted in this morning all sounded well till is started up and i got the grinding noice i had before, which i had assumed was the starter motor not disengaging.

it only seems to have started this with the new switch, the 2 times it did start with the old switch it never made this noise. is there any real difference between the ignition switch i got ( and the original, i know there different but should that make this sort of problem?

and i was wondering if i removed the starter from the switch and wired up a start button would that sort it, i know it will look horrible but i just need to get it started to i can take it to be welded and mot'd.

thanks for the help

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