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Power vent window setup!!!

Mods please move to the appropriate forum if need be thank you!

Hopefully someone here can use this so I thought I would share!

Ok ladies and gentlemen I wasn't sure where to post this, I just picked up a 68 Impala (introduced in the Welcome Section) and I was looking at the door and wondered if an idea I had would work?

I had a set of universal power windows for the front and back windows, and I was looking at the door with the panel off trying to plan my mount strategy. I had the handle for the vent window off and thought why couldn't I give this a shot for the vent window?

So I figured out a mounting spot for the motor where it wouldn't interfere with with the motor for the door window. So I did, I mounted the gear drive setup to the vent crank and gave it a shot

(Click on Pic)

This an image what it looks like with the door panel on (please keep in mind my panels were NOT in the best of shape) you get the idea.....

Total cost to have power vent windows....$36.00 (aftermarket power window kit) and about 35 minutes of my time!

Cost to have factory power vent windows buying the motors from eBay....$900!!!

I am going to recover my own panels and will compensate for the covering of the holes, not sure where I will mount the switches but most likely in the center console I am going to build.
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