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Depends upon the year of your car.

The 700R4 is physically longer than the PowerGlide so you will need to cut down the overall length of your drive shaft. The mounting point that the tranny bolts up to is also located further back that the PG, so depending upon your car body you either move the old cross-member back and drill new bolt holes in the frame rails or buy a fabricated transmission cross-member to fit your 700R4 in your car.

The transmission uses metric nut and bolts as well as it's tube size so you will need an adapter to splice the two hydraulic lines together (this assuming your PowerGllide isn't an earlier air cooled one without hydraulic lines going to your radiator). The gear selector linkage works as far as the bell crank under the car. It needs to be lengthened if you expect to select all of the gears manually.

Otherwise it will work as is giving you just P N and Dive. To access OD you have to either wire in a switch to flip it into OD, or use a hydraulic switch that will toggle the OD when it sees a preset pressure in high gear. You tie into the brake pedal switch to turn OD off.

The new lock-up torque converter bolts to a metric flex plate that is drilled for a smaller one piece rear main seal so you will need to buy an aftermarket SFI approved flex plate to bolt the new torque converter to your older two piece rear main seal crank flange.

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