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Originally Posted by Lost in the 60's View Post
What became of the engine noise, Chris ?
The car is parked in my driveway wrapped under a tarp. I'm trying to get my 2 cars ready for this seasons car shows. Once I get done with that, Then I'm going to yard out the motor and investigate the noise.

Originally Posted by fsc66 View Post
I don't think she seemed excited enough. I think it's hard for someone outside the realm of a true car enthusiast to understand the amount of work and dedication that went into this re-build. I guess we appreciate it more because we were virtually there every step of the way.

Beutiful job and I'm sure we all appreciated it very much!!!!!!

Paul Winvoices

Thanks Paul! Vicki, doesn't really get excited over things like this. She was there for most of the repair work and sand blasting. But she truly, does appreciate the hard work I poured into getting the car cleaned up and looking better.

I'll post something up, as I start the engine pulling process. I'll document this process as well. It should be in a week or two.

Until next time.

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