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Well, I made a very concerted effort this weekend to get this patch-panel completed.
I couldn't have done it without the unexpected help of my buddy Mike though. Thanks Mike!!
I gotta say, I had screwed up on Saturday,...GOT IN A RUSH,...and cut my patch panel piece too quickly. I accidentally cut ON my line,....not an inch or so outside of it. The result of that is that I had to do a butt-weld and not the intended (and better) method of putting a flange on the body, then the new patch rests against the flange. Rookie can bet I won't do that again. At least not that I'll admit. lol.

Here's some shots from this weekends work. I had the panel sloppily (yeah, sloppily) welded into place, and the new inner wheel well lip went REAL well. When my buddy Mike (in the pics) stopped by though, he pointed out that I didn't have good penetration on my welds so he fixed that for me. Whew! How awesome is that!

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