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The S-I-L's 66 Caprice Engine Rebuild Update #3

Jerry and I pulled the engine yesterday. After we got it in the garage and on the stand, I started pulling stuff. First I pulled the valve covers. Nothing found.

Then I pulled the intake. I was looking for bent push rods or scored cam lobes. Nothing found.

Then I pulled the oil pan. I also looked down the fuel pump bore at the lobe. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I didn't pull the rod and main caps yet. I want to do this as a last resort. I'll pull the balancer and timing cover tonight. Hopefully this is where I find where the noise is coming from. The oil was almost black when I drained it. It appeared that it had some metal particles in it. But the black could have been from the assembly lube I put on the fuel pump rod when I re-assembled the engine.

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