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Originally Posted by Lost in the 60's View Post
Did you change the cam or cover ??
It may just need a cam walk button, or the cover got bent in a little ??

Nothing was changed other than sandblasting the cover and using a Felpro cover gasket with a very small amount of gasket RTV as a sealer and torqueing the bolts it to spec. Yeah, it was suggested to get a cam walk button.

Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
I have seen the timing chain hit in the back of the gear cavity on the block a few times, but that is the first one that I have seen hit the cover. The cam generally is pushed to the rear of the block by the valve spring pressure pushing at the slight angle formed between the top of the cam lobe and the concave bottom of the flat tappet lifter. Oil pressure pushes the cam forward again as the rear of the cam tunnel is part of the oiling system. Were you running an excessive oil pressure (high pressure oil pump)?

Big Dave
The oil pump is the one that was in the engine when I removed the engine from the car the first time. Now...for some reason I'm beginning to remember, (but old timers is hitting me pretty hard right now), I'm thinking that the cam freeze plug came out and instead of replacing it, I RTV'd it back into place. 'Cause there's RTV around the cam plug. I just don't vividly remembering doing it. The RTV is the same color as the rest of the RTV I used on the gaskets.

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