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beam me up scotty!

Originally Posted by 1968 Caprice 396 View Post
You are a braver man than I BA. Good job so far looks like it's coming along pretty well.

I don't think you understand how the shielding gas works. Outside ambient temperature has nothing to do with it.

I have to say csf64ss, it is very difficult to read your replies with all the broken up sentences. Are you posting from a keyboard or a cell phone?
scott...i do in fact understand 'bout shielding gas......i was certified for boiler tube repair...and when we welded on stainless or hydrogen lines we had a constant nitrogen purge (inert gas)...during the process.....if you read my post again i made mention of the fact that im welding my driveway...where im subjected to WIND....which would blow the argon off the weld anyway...has nothin to do with ambient im not runnin plug welding...and gluein/bondin large areas.....and i use my own short hand to get my posts up from a keyboard.....i try to get to the point and i dont use spell check nor am i concerned 'bout here for fun and to learn.....and help anyone by my past experiences.....thats all.......
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