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Big Dave
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In 20 years of restoring (many many) cars I've had just as many failures with US made parts as I did with Import parts.
This was due to NAFTA that allows parts manufactured in Mexico (though within about fifty miles or so of the US boarder that are shipped on US trucks to be marked "Made in the USA" instead of "Hecho en Mexico".

If I buy a Moog part or a Spicer part I look at the box to see if it has "Fabrique au Canada" or "Made in USA" marked on the box. Knowing the US made part is suspect I would choose the Canadian made part. This of course assumes that you are in a real NAPA or similar store that still sells good parts as well as the cheap ones WalMart customers want to look at the part in hand and not at a picture on line.

I also used to buy a lot of my parts from my local Chevrolet Service center only going around to the rear entrance where the line technicians got their parts and buying them at cost through a friend of mine that worked there. Unfortunately he retired along with the senior counterman who used to serve me. The good quality parts are still there (having undergone GM's famous QC inspection to get inside a GM parts box), but the cost has increased considerably. Unfortunately you still get what you pay for most of the time.

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