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Great questions and ideas! There is probably no way to know where someone like CPP sources it's parts but it's likely China. I keep hearing mostly good things about CPP but that still doesn't address how well the parts are constructed. I just bought a pair of upper tubular A arms from Global West and paid a fortune ($615) but they are really nice and extremely heavy duty. I've seen a set of 4 A arms for $400 so I can't imagine what kind of junk they must be!! Let's all remember something, like Dave says, you get what you pay for and in the case of suspension and brakes you're talking about your prized possession and maybe even your life or someone else's life! Not worth it!! Do it right, do it once! Can you imagine flying down the highway at about 70 when the ball joint falls out of the A arm or slamming on the brakes to find you have none!!
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