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This was on a Cutlass, it broke as the car was leaving the parking lot.
After reading all the reviews I decided to give the Ebay control arms a chance, $250 for all 4. Before installing them I replaced the ball joints with quality ball joints and 5 years later and many autocross and track events, they are still on the car. best $250 I ever spent. I was just trying to say that just because the label is Made in USA it doesn't always mean the parts are built right. These companies are in the business of making money, they will do everything possible to make the profit margin bigger. Made in USA used to mean something to me, nowadays sadly it lost it's meaning, especially since companies like MSD and many others are manufacturing parts in China and putting them in the boxes that say Made in USA. It should say "packaged in USA".

I apologize for derailing the thread. Bottom line is don't buy the part just because it's more expensive, do your research, ask others, buy smart. Not all USA made parts are superior(anymore) and not all China made parts are inferior.
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