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Eddie; don't worry about derailing the's all good info as are individual experiences. I'm afraid in many instances you're right that made in USA doesn't always mean anything and further more very difficult to prove unless you actually know there's a factory. Even then the quality MAY not be superior. Back to the A arms, however, hard to imagine a full set of 4 at $400 being quality when I paid over $600 for two. The pair I got from GW were truly superior, in my estimation...very heavy, very nice welds, nylon greaseable bushings, etc. Hope I got what I paid for! Looked at Hotchkiss also but believe they told me I needed to use their upper and lowers in combination to attain the 5 degrees caster where as GW told me they had it built into the uppers and the lowers didn't matter.

On another note, here's a strange one... after converting the manual steering to a 600 box power unit and moving the idle arm as per instructions, the wheels are toe'd out considerably...enough to hardly get them to go to normal with the available adjustment in the tie rods. What do you guess that's all about??? Will finish playing with it tomorrow but sure doesn't seem right? Bet I've taken in an inch, maybe more turning the adjusters to bring in the wheels. Can't quite figure why changing the box and location of he idler would have that significant an effect. Any ideas???? Bob
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