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Must be a quiet night at Big Daves house tonight! lol.

There's no question that a 283 can sound really damn good with a lopey cam in it so your goal is certainly possible. Like Dave said, that will make the poor lil 283 even weaker on torque which is what gets that big heavy car moving off the stoplight and around corners.
Your description sounds like you're ok with it. It could sound great but may have the low-end torque of a 6 cylinder.

My bigger concern is more about the mileage on that engine and your tolerance for near-future issues/failures.
If you put in a cam now, you'd have to do lifters as a set. If you try to get away with ONLY that, you would most likely soon find the valve-guides are worn and you'll see burning oil/white smoke. And at 86,000 miles, who knows how good those piston rings are? A compression check and leakdown test on that engine would tell you a good bit. I'd be worried that you have high ring wear and may only get 6-24 months of driving.

When you start thinking about those costs, it makes sense to just do a full rebuild all at once. The cost of that for a 283 isn't greatly different than a host of other options, like a 327, 350, 383 or a crate motor. You'll want to weigh the costs versus goals and expected downtime and potential failures.
I'm not trying to suck the fun out of this for ya, but I'm a realist and want to ensure you have proper expectations going in so you don't get disappointed later..

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