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Originally Posted by Supervisor404 View Post
Wow!! I'm really impressed with your replies and the response team. Means a lot to know that you guys take your own valuable time to help out a chump like myself.
Upon your suggestions and after doing some research, let me pose this question....
If, and only If, I did decide to swap out the motor. I would defiantly crate the original, and possibly rebuild it piece by piece, and include it with the new set-up in-case I did decide sale the car in the future.
There are so many choses as to what to replace it with, which is one of the reasons on I like to keep it simple and not remove it.
327, 350, 383, 383 stroker, 396, 427's???. Then with replacing the engine, now I have to look at transmissions.
Snow Ball
And which builder do can I trust you know, turn-key or not, what companies do they use in their builds, gear ratios and transfer kits, it just get so overwhelming. Please tell me what you would do.
I'm also looking a the increased value of the car vs the cost of the new set-up, if I'm explaining it correctly. I don't want to spend $9K in a newset-up, and the value of the car only increases $4K you know. And also which motor/ set-up would warrants the "SS" STATUS?

'And also which motor/ set-up would warrants the "SS" STATUS?'

Limiting the discussion to '60's full size vehicles, 'SS' was a trim package. I'm not a historian but as I recall there were no 'SS' only engines/transmissions/rear end gears. Anything one could get in a 'SS' could be had on a Biscayne.

The 'SS' packages differer from year to year. For example, in '62 a 'SS' could be had with, or without bucket seats. The '63 was bucket seats only. I do not know what your car's 'SS' package included.

I recommend you spend some time figuring out what YOU want to achieve.

'Please tell me what you would do.'

Because I first drove (legally) on the road at 17 in 1965, I was a young man right in the beginning of the muscle car era. From '65 thru '71 I had the good fortune of getting to drive 2 GTO's ('65 and '66), a Z28 ('67), a '56 Chrysler 300, and a '63 Chevy w/340hp 409 that belonged to good friends/relatives. I owned a '63 Impala convertible w/manual transmission (3 speed) and a 283. The only auto trans car of the above was the Chrysler. The car I drooled over was the 409 Chevy. It wasn't the fastest (that was the Z28) but I was VERY jealous of the torque that engine produced at low rpm.

Fast forward 50 years...In 2013 I bought a '63 Impala convertible that was a spitting image of my old car. It had a 327 and a 4 speed, but neither he engine nor the transmission were from any '63. I knew EXACTLY what MY goal was; reproduce that 409 performance I loved 50 years prior.

A 409 was unaffordable. But a stroked 350 small block (a 383) with modern carb, intake, heads, and ignition easily replicated the horse power and torque of the 409. No high revving cam, super stiff valve springs, or any other 'racing' parts were required. The crate engine I bought was dyno'd at 385 hp @ 5400 rpm, and 445 lb-ft torque @ 3800 rpm. Perfect (for me)!

The 4 speed Saginaw trans (that didn't belong in a full size '63 Chevy) was replace with a new AUTOGEAR 4 speed 'Muncie'.

Why the long story? Because I didn't care what anyone else thought my car should be. I could not afford all the changes at one time. With the money I had saved I swapped the transmission first. Drove the car that way while I researched engine alts and saving money. When I got enough money I swapped the 327 for the 383. I'm VERY pleased.

During all this (and other repairs and restorations I completed) I NEVER cared what the value of the car would be. The car was/is my hobby. I will never come close to getting money 'back'.

That's not only what 'I would do', it's what I DID do. I knew where I wanted to end up and made a plan to get there. I've attached a pic.
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