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full size rear wheel drive cars ?

What happened to the chevy imapala ? an afordable full size rear wheel drive sedan.
why did it die out in the mid 90s just after the SS brought it back to life ?
I just read an article on the 06 impala and I was horrified, is this a joke ?
A front wheel drive V8 ? Are they kidding ? I thought GM would have learned
from the mistakes of the "Eldorado" and "Toranado" of the 60s & 70s ? but I guess not.
Smokin up the front wheels at traffic lights is just wrong, not to mention dangerous !
Chevy just shoved a ****y little V8 into it's poor excuse for an impala and called it the SS!
Well that's just great if you want a V8 Taurus, So tell me, seriously, who would buy one ?
What If you want a new full size domestic rear wheel drive car, you can buy a Cadillac, a Lincoln, a Crown Victoria or a 300C ? Am I right ? or is a Camry a full size car now ?
Don't start writing nasty replies yet, please read on. then you can let me have it !
I can't help thinking you guys are missing out on something. Now I'm not bagging American cars in general, corvettes are now a world class sports car and the list of excellent vehicles made in the USA go's on and on, it's just the "impala" I have a problem with ! and whatever else they call it when it's not a Chevy, Because you see, there's no excuse not to make a traditional RWD impala, there is and always has been a GM platform that's existed for 10 years or more, so why don't GM in north America want to use it ?
You've all seen the latest GTO, love it or hate it, it's just a 2 door version of the average Australian family car, designed & manufactured by GM Holden in Australia the "monaro" is the coupe. "commodore" is the sedan and the "ute" is an el Camino sized pickup that was almost available to you last year but Chevrolet said "naaa it won't sell here" B.S. !!!
These cars are built to suit every budget, trim level and performance from a mild V6 to an all out corvette LS2 in automatic or 6 speed manual, all RWD and exported all over the world and in both left hand drive and RHD and badged as Holden, Pontiac, Vauxhall in Europe and even Chevrolet in the middle east and South Africa
Look, don't get me wrong, I love old american cars and the 50s, 60s & 70s U.S built cars have a huge following in Australia, but I can't help thinking Chevy isn't giving the people of north America what they want any more, but maybe I'm wrong ? If that's the case ? I'm sorry I offended any of you, it's just my opinion that GM and Detroit in general has been
misleading you into buying american made japanese copies ! so if you want to see some interesting cars that you probably never new existed check out www.holden.com.au and www.hsv.com.au and see what Aussies are driving every day and if you like what you see ask your Chevy dealer why you can't buy one !

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If you ask me, they are all garbage today. (and for the past 20 or so years too!) Don't just single out the Impala, what about the Malibu or GTO? Good names tacked onto a faceless front wheel drive throw away car. The only reason the names were brought back was just to "try" and sell more cars.

I don't know "who" would buy them but someone is and has been. They couldn't make 'em if nobody was buying.

Let's face it, cars will never be the same as the ones we all know and love from the good old days. It's over, the fat lady has sung, gone home and is now fully retired! Personally, I can't tell one from another! They all look alike (ugly) with just a different tail light or headlight to try and set them apart. I bet if you took the emblems off of all the cars today, no one could tell them apart! I can see the mall parking lot now with everyone trying to find their car. LOL

I'm gonna go hug my 63 & 66 Impala now. And my 66 Chevelle, 69 Chevelle, 72 Chevelle, 69 stepside, 72 fleetside...

1963 Impala 283 * 1966 Impala 327 * 1966 Chevelle SS 409 *
1969 Malibu 307 * 1969 C-10 Stepside 350 * 1971 C-20 fleetside 6 cyl * 1972 Malibu 307

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I singled out the "impala" because this is an impala forum, but I agree with you, new Chevy buyers have had no choice but to buy junk ! But take a closer look at a GTO.
I'ts a big LS2 powered, rear wheel drive coupe that's available in auto or 6 speed manual.
Although not the "retro" look some purists wanted, it was designed not to offend anyone and to be badged and sold under many GM brands including Chevy. "lutz" wanted to market this as a "monte carlo" or "chevelle" but his boss canned that idea.
The point I was trying to make was that GM in north America is in trouble ! and by not making cars that the people want, they're losing a lot of sales to Ford and Chrysler !
Maybe GM and CHEVROLET should take a look at the past before they move forward.
yeah the good old days are gone, but hopefully there comming back !

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I see on Holden's web site that the Caprice is still available down under. Rear wheel drive, V8 powered large sedan. Instead, the 300C's are what's selling. I'd love to get a new Caprice, but looks like I'm going to have to go elsewhere on my next new car purchase.
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the holden "caprice" is a loaded and stretched commodore, the only thing in common with Chevrolet is the engine and trans.
it's available in Australia, Asia, and Africa in RHD and the middle east in LHD.
Sadly, not available at all in north America.
GM was going to introduce the complete line up (except the "monaro" or "GTO" ) as Buicks, but that was canned due to "lack of appeal" in large RWD cars in America, but GM is wising up ! check out what's comming your way from down under soon at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GM_Zeta_platform
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The "who" is police departments (Crown Vic was eating their shorts with the V-6 as their only option). Now that that Ford axed the Crown Vic (it was dropped from production), Chrysler is offering a new Police Interceptor based upon the 300. GM in a move based not on engineering, but marketing desperation offered the Impala with a V-8 to entice those departments that have refuse to look at or buy the only Police car offered by GM (the Blazer SUV).

Big Dave
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I feal sorry for any HP officer that has to pursue someone in a FWD impala, like they need another challenge, now they'll have torque steer trying to rip the wheel out of his hands too !
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I've seen a few police cars based on the Charger, but not the 300C yet. A town near me has one of the Chargers in service already. I've heard the 300C version is in the works, I'd like to see one when they have it ready to go! Wonder if it's going to have the 425 horse Hemi in the Police Interceptor package
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future impala ?

2007 - 2008 impala may be based on this


I reckon that would sell ?
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Why would they import an Australian right hand drive car when they already make the Cadillac CTS and STS-V cars here in the US. Before they axed the Brougham and Sedan De Ville, they used to made on the same line with the Impala and Caprice. Once again it is just a mater of making new trim pieces and deciding on market point to bring the Impala back.

The only reason we don't have a RWD Impala SS on the road today is GM market types firmly believed that it was diluting prospective sales of the Cadillac to have more than one full size sedan marquis. Remember like it or not the current designation or badge for a performance car is Pontiac; luxury cars, to compete with the Lexus, BMW, has to go to Caddy; Olds is gone and Buick is next. Chevrolet has been by decree reduced to the GM truck division. I personally resented Chevrolet killing the full size Suburban so that they could use the frame and drive train in the Hummer (You don't really think you are driving a real AM General Corporation produced military version of the Hummer do you: it is a just a Chevy Suburban with square sides and less room inside).

The number of blunders being made at GM corporate has me convinced that Apple computer has taken over the marketing division (God bless 'em they make the worlds best operating system, and throw it away with the worlds most inept marketing strategies).
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GTOs are imported to the U.S, but not for long, GMs attitude has changed recently, the word is, from Lutz himself, that most exisiting mid and full size GM platforms will be replaced by "zeta" a worldwide RWD platform designed in Australia, these cars won't be imported from Australia, just based on that platform, the Caddy will remain basically the same.
the new monaro will be based on the new camaro if that go's ahead and exported back to Australia.
I would have thought this design would be more apealing than what you now have as an impala ? and something to look forward to ?

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