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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
Hotchkiss is made in America. Designed by American Engineers and tested by Mary Pozzi in actual race conditions. The other brands are Chinese copies of the Hotckiss part painted a different color so no one would know they are stealing intellectual property.
I strongly disagree. Hotchkis was a thing in 90's because they had the market to them selves. Nowadays they are considered overpriced and outdated. There are other American companies offering BETTER quality, better design, for less money and also MADE IN USA!!! I have UMI control arms and adjustable pan hard bar on my 67. Extremely happy with quality of parts, ride quality and their customer service.

Also UMI guys are always on chevelle forum and are always helping guys even if it doesn't involve a transaction, they will be happy to answer any questions if you give them a call. I don't see hothckis doing that anywhere.

Here are the adjustable uppers from UMI. UMI 67-70 upper control arm
For $119 you can't beat them, made in Philipsburg, PA.

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