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Originally Posted by 67SS View Post
2 piece driveshaft was only on 1958-1964 Impalas.
Yes I agree. I thought for some reason his car was a '64. Sorry for the mis information.

1965-'70 was all the same series and used a single long drive shaft and parallel four link control arms with a Panhard bar to center the rear end.

1971'-'76 B-bodies where the largest and heaviest made by GM. They used the same suspension parts as the earlier 1965-'70 Impalas. Wasn't until 1977 that the Impala got the same triangulated four link system as was first used under the 1964 Chevelle. Of course by that time the Impala was the same size as the earlier A-body car dimensionally if not a tad heavier due to added safety features.

If I'm not mistaken somewhere around 1966-'68 that the control arms changed their length. Can not remember what year it was but past that break the control arms are different and do not interchange.

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