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Best polish/technique for chrome?
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Elbow grease? If you watch a Mothers commercial there is no issues that a hand drill and sponge rubber ball that comes in varrying colors and shapes (at roughly four hundred times the cost to make them) can not make newer than new with one of their many products (all for sale at a nominal fee).

One of the advantages of driving a beater like mine is even kids school car washes shy away at the sight of my car pulling into a lot. I do not own any Mothers products and the only Turtles liquid car wax I ever put on is on the front of the car once a year to make love bug removal easirer for the rains to clean my car for me.

Big Dave (sorry I couldn't be of help)
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so u mean
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  1. Washing
  2. Assemble the wash items, which include a pail, a sponge or wash mitt, car soap such as Meguiar's Deep Crystal Car Wash, drying towels and a hose. Additional useful items are a separate pail, brush and sponge for the wheels and tires. Don't use dish soap, as it can remove the wax on your car and it may dry out the rubber around the windows, headlights and roof.

    Wash the car in a shady location or early in the day before the sun heats up the metal, potentially leaving water spots. Spray bird droppings with undiluted car wash and allow it to soak while you are preparing the wash water. Begin by soaping the roof, then rinsing it thoroughly with clean water. Work down the sides, roof and trunk, leaving the wheels and tires for last.

    Wash the wheels separately from the rest of the car because the wheels contain road grime not found on the car itself. Use a separate sponge or brush so bits of stone don't get caught in it and scratch the surface of the car.Drying
  3. Drying is an important step in the polishing process. Terry towels are okay, but a chamois or "The Absorber" works the best for drying. Chamois is made from cow hide and must be wet before it can dry the car. When dry, Chamois is stiff. The Absorber dries with a sponge-like quality. Since it's not leather, it doesn't dry stiff, and since it's not terry cloth, it absorbs better. Again, the product needs to be wet to dry the car. Once you are through, simply squeeze out the excess water, roll it up and store it in its tube container.

    When drying the car, start with the windows and chrome and then dry the body of the car. Check it over for water spots. If you see some, simply use a damp sponge to wet the spot, then dry it with the towel or chamois.Polishing
  4. Now you're ready to polish the car and give it a reflecting shine. A product such as Meguiar's Deep Crystal Polish gives a high-gloss finish while conditioning the paint. Additionally, it helps to remove hairline scratches, giving your car a swirl-free, wet look.

    Work on one section of the car at a time, starting with the roof. Apply the polishing product in a circular motion with an applicator sponge. Let it dry to a haze, then use a clean terry cloth to wipe it off. Continue around the car until the whole thing is complete. Walk around it to look for any spots that you may have missed. The white haze is often hard to see on a white car, so examine it closely.

    If you don't have time to give your car the polishing it deserves, you can use a product such as Meguiar's Quik Detailer. It comes in a spray bottle, so you just spray and wipe (with a clean cloth). Typically, you can polish your car with this product in about 20 minutes. Store it in the trunk and use it whenever you need a quick shine.Wheels & Chrome
  5. Don't overlook the chrome or metal on your car (including rims or bumpers), as they should be polished to give your car the best look. Meguiar's "Hot Rims" is a good product for both wheels and chrome. Like a polish, "Hot Rims" is applied with an applicator sponge, dried to a haze and then wiped off.The Next Step
  6. Once the car is polished, you might consider going one more step and waxing the vehicle. Waxing helps preserve and protect the finish on the car, making it less susceptible to grime that can't be removed. Waxes are available in paste, liquid or sprays, but generally a paste wax will apply the best finish, although it takes the most "elbow grease." Meguiar's offers a paste or liquid cleaner wax that removes grime while applying a coat of wax. Additionally, it is formulated with conditioning oils to give your car the shine it deserves.
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I don't think there's any magic for chrome bud, sorry.

I use Simichrome brand polish once a year or two on my daily driver rims.
You just gotta pick up a chrome polish, wipe it on real good and let it dry a bit before buffing off either by hand or a drill attachment. It's no picnic.

Once the rust is pitting or showing, you're screwed. Would have to replace or re-plate it.

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I've used Dupont #7 Chrome cleaner for years, it works well and smells decent. If you want some extra gloss, spray it down after you're done rubbing off the wax with Lemon Pledge (only - no cheap imitations) and buff it again with a rag. It'll shine like the sun!

'63 Impala Sedan
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From what I understand from chrome shop guys is that the chrome plating over the nickel and copper is so thin, you should never use an abrasive polish or cleaner. At least not to bring back the shine. Not unlike paint, every time you abrade the chrome (or paint) you remove some of the material. With any metal coating, that usually allows the elements to attack it more as there is less of it to resist oxidation. If you must polish, I am a fan of using a cleaner type wax or 3m Finesse It. The abrasives in these products is super fine. It is kind of telling I think, that chrome shops don't polish the chrome before it leaves their shop...it is as shiny as it's going to get right out of the tank. They rely on the highly polished finish of the acid copper and copper to make the reflection, not polishing the chrome. Also, chrome is so hard it is practically impossible to polish it (with material available to the average person) but not to remove it by using abrasive products.
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sponge with mild soap it is.
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