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Originally Posted by BA. View Post
My friend noted that when I backed out of the garage that only my left 3 brake lights were on. None on the right side. This is new, that's never been a problem before. Then, on our drive to the cruise-in, I lost the left side brake lights.
Interestingly, all of the tail-lights and EVEN THE BLINKERS are working.

So, I checked out the brake-lights switch at the brake pedal and it's getting power and Ohm'd out to be working as it should.
My dilemma is that this diagram shows the white wire coming out of the brake switch going to the turn signal plastic unit inside the steering hub area. I don't see a white wire there. My brake switch wire goes into the harness and gets lost.

Maybe coincidentally, I did try to use my Parking Brake for the first time a few days ago and I didn't think that would have anything to do with the brake lights, I oddly found this orange and white wire in a connector next to the parking brake. There's nothing plugged into it and I do not see any connector around for it. My suspicion is that it's not really related, just coincidentally the same color wire pair.

Judging from the diagram, since my blinkers work, there's some kind of issue with the 12V coming off the brake switch going to ......where-ever it goes. Anyone know where it goes?
Anyone have any experience here that might help?
The mystery, coincidentally similar wires and brake switch.

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