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Originally Posted by Darth View Post
Remove that squiggly shaped flat contact in the switch and scuff it up good where it contacts the posts. Also scuff the posts and when you reinstall it, you may find it's all good again. I had the same issue years back and resolved it that way.
Thanks for the Pro Tip. Good idea!

I went ahead and did that tonight. Got a close up picture too. It looks like things got hot in there at some point. I was hoping that the tiny bit of melted plastic on that center post was causing contact issues, so I cut it that out.
Sadly, that wasn't the only issue, as I've been able to uncover 2 new symptoms.
1. Flasher keeps ticking after lever in normal position. (Both tails flashing, or sometimes just one tail.)
2. For a little bit, I had one side brake lights, then later both. Now none again.

I'm clearly in the right area of the problem. POS.
Oh yeah, this is only like 2yrs old and maybe 1000 miles.

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