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Ground - 18 ga. Dark Green wire to temp sending unit (goes to ground when hot) and to temp gauge or light
IGN SW Accy - 18 ga. Black wire and Brown/White wire from Fuse block and ALT sense wire
SOL - 12 ga. Purple wire to Neutral Safety Switch then to starter
BATT - 12 ga. to Cigar Lighter, Head light switch, fuse block, Horn relay and Battery 12v+
IGN SW IGN - 18 ga. Blk/Pink (switched) fuse block, Coil and going to all the POS side of the Dash indicator lights ie, OIL, TEMP light or Gauge, GEN or ALT light, Pos 12V+ for Gas Gauge.


GROUND - not used
IGN SW ACCY - Brown wire #932 Origin from fuse block
SOL - Purple wire #919 Origin from starter
BATT - Red wire 12 ga. #934 Origin from fuse block
IGN SW IGN - Pink wire 14 ga. #931 Origin from fuse block (MSD 6AL ignition.)

Hope this helps
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