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Originally Posted by shaark92 View Post
I'm definitely going disc brakes because of the speed. Interesting, though, the speed limit was 70 mph when this car was built.

I was just shocked at the difference in the price of the kits. Looks like the WilWood caliper is larger/covers more of the rotor arc. I think the TRS 4-brake conversion system will be just fine for me, then.

Yes, I've decided to get 17" x 7 -6 offset cragar SS wheels ... with a 235/55r17 michelin tire.

Thanks Big Dave!
The Wilwood brake system is a multi cylinder brake system. Instead of one big hydraulic cylinder pushing the pads together it uses multiple smaller ones to do it. In theory this means you shouldn't require as much force on the brake pedal to stop.

For my purpose I keep going back and forth about going to front disc brakes or keeping the drums. I know I need a dual master cylinder upgrade as the 63 used a single. Only reason I am considering disc brakes is I'm building a motor that while I am only shooting for 400-450 HP the feed back on my build is putting me around 500 HP. With great power comes a requirement for better stopping. Granted if I get into a 500 HP engine with my current rear end and transmission the weak link will be found and most likely brakes will become the least of my worries.
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