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Originally Posted by shaark92 View Post
Sorry ... I was referring to the rear differential. How to upgrade the rear differential to TRANSFER the higher HP to the wheels, not produce it.

The dressed blueprint engine which has my eye is the 383 stroker which is rated at 425HP/430 ft/lbs. I thought that was quite a lot! ... I don't want to spin the rear-end out of it, but I've had it perform with the 283 quite well (smoked the tires from a down shift 3 to 2 at 40ish mph back when it had a manual)

LOL ... yeah, no replacement for displacement.


From what I have been told the best thing to do is put a 9" ford in and it will look close enough to the factory with the 3rd member. I personally don't want to put a ford rear end in my car and am looking for a Pontiac Olds 9.3" rear end from the same years as it should be a direct bolt in and they can handle a lot more power.
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