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So I gazed at the 383s on ebay ... wow. lots of 'em. One vender/seller rails on the 700r4 ... skip white ... almost like he won't sell you one of his engines if you're going to bolt a 700r4 to it. What's with that???

I imagine a rodder for the quarter mile is better with a T400 3 speed ... but mine is gonna also cruise the highway. Why run 2300 rpm if 1800 rpm will get me 70 mph and still pull a moderate grade. I've never liked that "downshift" to climb a hill and I don't like to be wound up to cruise.

Is this guy living in the past when the 700r4 was first produced?


1961 Impala. 4 door. 283, turbo 350. Imron Midnight blue metallic with silver stripe.

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