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Originally Posted by shaark92 View Post
The shop says cutting the driveshaft is no problem for them. may even be able to bypass the carrier bearing? My question, not their suggestion. I remember having to replace that carrier bearing. Was a bear for a novice teenager. If I can delete that thing, I will.

Thanks for the reassurance on the overdrive tranny.

I'm wondering, though, if the rear-end ratio of what's probably 3.08 for the powerglide will be good for the 700r4. Gotta do s'more research on that.
I wouldn't worry so much about the low gear ratio portion of the system, I would look more into the cruising RPM in overdrive of the engine. If at 65 MPH your down around 1500 RPM you may be out of your engines power range resulting in excessive down shifts and up shifts.

I really want to go with a stick, but after doing my research I can get everything I need to go to a 200R4 for around $2500 new and then everything is a bolt in affair. No drive shaft mods needed. That is going with the stage one kit for 550 HP motors. I will be hard pressed to put an overdrive manual in my car at twice that cost.
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