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The "B" pillar (the post in the middle) makes it a sedan (preceded with the number of doors, such as a four door sedan). Without a "B" pillar it is called a Coupe (in this case Chevy called it a four door sport coupe).

There are a lot of other names that describe car bodies but they are archaic left over from the days of wooden horse drawn carriages such as calling a convertible a cabriolet (there is a slight difference in the windshield that determines the difference). But most call a '32 Ford soft top a roadster when in truth it is actually a cabriolet.

I am ancient; but I wasn't around in '32, despite what many think. My dad who is still alive and well, was born in '22 (but he would have been too young to get married in '32). Seen a lot of changes in car styling in my life time, not all to my liking. I miss Harley Earl.

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