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Originally Posted by BA. View Post
You have a tough issue there for sure and there's certainly enough expertise here to get you through it.

Since you're in the middle of a potential fix, I just want to drop these 3 comments until we hear how your new wire run works out.

1. I am with Dave, due to personal experience, that you really should replace that Dimmer switch. They get faulty, cause grave issues, and they are cheap and easy to replace. Do it.

2. Bear in mind that you very well could have more than one issue. Don't let yourself get stuck on a single solution that solves everything.
3. Personally, I really really think you should find out where that mysterious 2nd small wire is going to from your battery post. It might be as simple as a home-run for a radio, or old switch someone installed, or hell, the key itself. People do weird things. If you can crimp or solder a wire (any monkey can!) than you might even consider just cutting it or removing it at the battery and you'll soon figure out what it was for if it serves any importance.

Cheers! Good Luck! Keep us up-to-date!

Thanks. I am within a process that includes replacing the dimmer; I simply have not got that far yet.

Regarding the 'second' wire; evidence so far points to a previous owner ran it to power the power seat he added (the car did not come with the power seat. It's obvious from looking at the install). The power seat worked before and does not now.

My car is a convertible. I've been told there is a 'circuit breaker' for the top motor located behind the driver's kick panel. I've also been told that power seats on convertibles run off the same breaker. All this has yet to be verified. That circuit is not in the '63 Shop Manual Supplement and I need to look at the '61 manual to see what that doc depicts. It was too cold today to go any farther on the car. My goal is to correct the power seat wiring too (once I verify how it should be). Until corrected, I'll leave it disconnected and 'blanked' off.

The car has a '383' sbc engine and I use a battery with lots of cranking amps. Another 'to do' is acquire a battery cable (2 gauge vice the OEM 6) w/o the fusible link. Goal is to have a better connection for the main power wire than wrapped around the clamp bolt. I like Big Dave's circuit breaker option a lot. I read his most recent post and need to acquire the proper rating.

The car is a 4 speed so I do not have to deal with neutral safety switch.

I'm ecstatic that I got the power back. The car runs now and everything but the power seat and the Dimmer are working.

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