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Problem with welding Chinese steel arises from the fact that they use recycled steel from scraped cars, refrigerators washing machines and electric motors. All of these sources introduce contaminants into the metal which are caused by inclusion of non-ferrous metals (considered as impurities or alloy elements) like Copper, Tin, Cobalt and Nickel. These metals can not be economically removed from the melt. Things like Silicon from enameled surfaces and other non-metallic elements can be skimmed off the top, or be excluded from the melt at the tap by just throwing away the first couple of hundred pounds of tap slag.

MIG welding is faster and easier than TIG, but TIG will allow you to see the heat penetrating and you can add filler if it "blows through". I learned to weld with an Acetylene torch and a coat hanger (basically the same process as TIG welding, but at a fraction of the cost).

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