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Originally Posted by 1969z28dz302 View Post
Is there a code on the trim tag, or something in the VIN to denote a Golden Anniversary '62 SS? Were these particular cars the only ones to get the trim tag code 927 "Anniversary Gold" paint...or was this color also available on other '62 Impalas also?
Was the trim tag code 891 (yellow/gold vinyl buckets) the only color offered for the interior of these cars?
Were they only offered as highly optioned, ie A/C, power windows, power brakes/steering, etc....?
Was there only one each offered to dealers (resulting in only about 300 being built)?
There were 99,311 Impala SS models built in 1962, (15,019 of those cars had a 409 under the hood). 891 was a standard interior color and denotes gold colored vinyl bucket seats. 927 "anniversary gold" was one of fifteen total paint options offered as a standard color in 1962. Nothing special as far as I know.

I have no idea what was going on in 1912 because the first Chevrolet car rolled of the assembly line in November 3, 1911 (made in Detroit, MI since they didn't have sixty four assembly plants scattered around the country back then). There might have been 300 dealers back in 1912, as Ferman was already selling Oldsmobile cars in Tamapa, FL when they got one of the first Chevy to offer to their customers. In 1962 there was a dealership in every city in the country (Tampa had six Chevy dealerships in 1962 because there were no import cars other than Mercedes-Benz, VW, and Jaguar, possibly Rolls Royceback then. (There was a Rolls dealership in Clearwater, FL in 1962).

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