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Just curious on another issue. Those who have "permanently" lowered cars, aren't y'all always scraping bottom?

One good example was my '67 Impala. I bought it from the original owner when the car was about 16 years old. By then the original Springs were pretty much sagged out. I didn't like how it looked (personal thing and I understand), but I was always concerned about scraping bottom. I already had it in my plans to raise it back up but one day in a parking lot I scrapped bottom and said to myself, dang, I hope it didn't damage my oil pan. Here I am all ready to attend a family event and I'm under the car checking on it. Soon after I installed a new set of 396 Fronts Springs in it, bringing it up to about an inch over stock. Brought the back up about an inch more than the front.

Besides loving how it looked, I never hit bottom again, lol.

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