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You will have to scour the parts book for an interchange as GM dropped AC-Delco as a wholly owned subsidiary of GM in 1962. The new spun off AC-Delco stopped making their own parts such as spark plugs; and bought, rather than made their two different wiper motors from outside vendors. They retained the round motor but sourced a newer cheaper square sheet metal body wiper motor which is when the parts interchange stopped. You might find an older model GM car that shared the water pump diaphragm.

1962 ended GM making every part used in a car by themselves and started buying from vendors. Got rid of the manufacture of GM Diesel-Electric locomotives, GM busses, and heavy trucks along with earth moving equipment (EUCLID Construction Equipment and HD off road trucks).

It is why I laugh at people that claim an AC plug is better than an Autolite sparkplug (who manufactured about 70% of them), or NGK who had another 20%of AC's plug sales. The only GM made parts on a car today are the sheet metal body and the motor. They buy everything else.

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