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The starter that bolts to the bell housing is for a pre-1958 car or a truck. In 1958 (the year the 348 was introduced) Chevy had switched over to motor mounts that bolted to the side of the block (not the four corner mounts used on Tri-Five Chevys and Corvettes). With that change came the new flywheel and starter motor combinations that were used all the way up to 1996 with the introduction of the LS-x series of motors (they have a different distance between the crank flange and the clutch disc).

He should have a 153 side by side mounting hole starter or a 168 tooth diagonal mount starter. They all used the same pinion gear shield differing only in being made of cast iron or aluminum (the gear inside differed in number of teeth on the pinion).

Here is a picture of old factory starters:

The Chevy Orange starter is a high torque BBC starter for a 168 tooth flywheel.

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