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If you take a look at the parts catlog (for this example I will pick Griffin Radiators hand made in Piedmont, SC) They have three price points: universal (universally fits nothing) then they sell their performance line where they sell you a radiator sized to meet your horsepower, and you have to figure out how to mount it; finally their most expensive units are Exact Fit which is a Performance radiator that bolts up in place of the stock radiator (breadth and height match stock, though it might be thicker, bringing the fan closed to the core).

The exact fit radiator is two to three times the price of the universal, though the only noticable difference is the mounting tabs or lack of them. How good a fabricator are you? Hot Rodding is a sport where you modify your car. It assumes that you know what you are doing (in terms of the consequences of your actions which comes from experience). You just had an experience.

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