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Originally Posted by justjohn View Post
Yes, the body is coming off this winter. The top will be replaced so I am not worried about damage to the vinyl.

This user sells home improvement trim, not car parts. He is located in the city of Mohali in the Punjab rejoin of India. It is a Sikh province fought over by Hindus and Moslems.

I had a Sikh roommate in college for 18 months. Great guy but he could never get through an air port today as he carried 14 knives on him all the time. Sikhs are pacifists, though an off shoot of Hinduism. As far as that goes Hindus are not normally renown for violence but bravery under fire (WWI conscripts fighting in the Balkans, and Gunga Din stories come to mind). I don't know if I would want to be out late at night in west Bengal during a Kali festival if you believe what Hollywood puts out (referencing Indiana Jones fun times in his Temple of Doom movie.).

He hasn't done anything wrong yet, so I am not going to ban him yet. But I still pay attention to all posts, not just his.

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