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Have you done a power steering box conversion? The original would have a slave assist cylinder. A lot of times people rob the parts from 64 and up to get rid of the slave as it can be a pain to set up unless you know what you are doing and it slows down steering response a little. If the gear box was swapped out then you need the 64 radiator that has a notch in the area of the gearbox for clearance.

On my 283 the upper hose comes straight out the front to avoid interference with the oil fill tube, so that is correct. Sometimes you have to play with the hose on these cars and trim them a hair to make things line up correctly.

They long ago stopped making the correct bottom hose for the 63 and again they sell later model parts they classified as an acceptable replacement. Most people would purchase a rubber hose and two hose clamps to wrap over the sway bar and create a softer rubber that will wear more quickly than the hose. My grand father talked about doing that to lots of cars at the GM garage he worked at cause the GM replacement part didn't have the correct step as the factory hose on new cars. A factory original hose that has the step would be like finding the holy grail for a person doing a perfect original show car for these cars. The next best option is finding someone that makes custom hoses and builds it to fit your car.
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