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Big Dave
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With aluminum heads and intake and water pump your BBC weighs the same as an all cast Iron small block. So yes that engine stand will hold it up. Whether you can rotate it freely to work on it; well ... that would be questionable. Other issue is with the trangular legs and it being very top heavy (center of gravity very close to the edge of the base; well as you studied in engineering I would be very cautious pushing it around the shop). Any thing that gets stuck under a wheel and it will probably flip over (with a leg rising rapidly off the floor following an arc that could hook you if you are standing near it).

Engine stands are rated by weight (same as jacks and cranes). A good engineer always has a 50% safety factor in mind so a 630 pound BBC like you have probably needs an engine stand rated for a thousand pounds (945 pound load with safety factor). It is why I had in my shop a seven ton floor jack and a five ton engine crane (that and I liked the air over hydraulic cylinder), and all four of my engine stands had four legs rated at a thousand pounds with my favorite having a gear head to rotate the engine.

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