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Originally Posted by 68WASAGOODYEAR View Post
PCV plumbing idea

Plumb both PCVs to this:

Route the clean air back to a vacuum fitting on the Holley and plumb the oil drain to a hose - barb fitting I would install in the mechanical fuel pump block - off.
PCV is a thermal plastic. It isn't used on water heaters because it turns soft at 170° degrees and start st flow at 220° degrees. Coolant and engine oil exceed this temp easily.

I used to order custom plumbing from a company in Clearwater, FL that bent PCV pipe to order by immersing the pipe (capped at both ends and filled with compressed air) in a long thin tank of hot cooking oil, and then pulling it out and putting it on a wooden table with hundreds of holes in it to hold pins and cylinders of different diameters. Once bent around the rollers it was sprayed with cold water and the ends cut off. Voilą a custom bent pipe to fit a complex device we were building.
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