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Hello sorry for the late input about your purchase. Overall car looks nice and clean. However I do believe you have a non SS. Someone touched base earlier on it with the bench seat and column shifter. What else I have noticed is that he trim on the dash has the horizontal lines not the swirl engine turned inserts. The rear cove where the brake lights would also have this type of trim swirl instead of a stainless steel look. The car appears to have a 64 steering wheel on it as well. If you haven’t already looked at the rear box braces those are notorious for rusting our. They are located behind the rear wheel where a bolt holds down the body. Also when you get around to pulling the carpet, a true SS would have floor braces for the bucket seats a standard sport coupe would just have holes in the floor for the bench to be bolted into. Lastly there should be a hole in the center hump to accommodate the floor shifter both standard and automatic and there should also be mounting brackets for he center counsel. I hope this info helps. Let me know if you want to see pictures of a SS floor.
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