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Different master cylinder is needed if you are planning on installing a booster. you will need to bench bleed the M/C before installing, and bleed the whole system after installing, starting with the one farthest away corner from the M/C (passenger rear). Upper hole in the pedal without booster and lower hole with the booster.

Gotcha. My car had a dual master cylinder installed when I got it back (sold it and bought it back a few years later). I was reading somewhere on the forum that there is a different dual MC for drum cars and disc cars. I believe the car may have had disc brakes installed while it was owned by whoever had it in between me owning it. That being the case, Iím not sure if the dual MC I have is the same one that was on the car when it had disc brakes. The car has always stopped fine for drums all around so Iím not sure what an incorrect MC would feel like.

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