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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
VIN looks like the plate has been tampered with (removed and reattched). Definitely Canadian made tag, not so sure about the car. Need to check hidden VIN and verify they match. The numeral 1 is for a Chevy. I think a 4 indicates it is off of a Buick. I'm no expert but I remember the different marquees had their own numbers.

1 ==> Chevy
2 ==> Pontiac
3 ==> Olds
4 ==> Buick
5 ==> Cadillac

This all changed when GM went to it's seventeen character VINs. Modern day VINs do not include the letters I, O or Q because of confusion with the numerals 1 and 0.

Big Dave

The 4 indicates the year was my mistake earlier Canadian Vins start with the year of the car I believe
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