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Fast idle on 63 Impala 327 4GC Rochester

63 impala 2-door 327 250hp 3-speed. 4GC Rochester carb.

I'm bringing an engine that had not been started for close to 20 years back on-line. Tank has been cleaned, lines cleaned, new pump, rebuilt carb, new plugs, etc. With a shot of starter fluid it started right away and prime the pump, etc. It runs, albeit rough, but my biggest concern is it will not idle down below 1200. The linkage is completely loose from the pedal. The return spring is in place. No amount of forcing the primary butterfly rod to the close position will change anything. The idle set screw is back completely off such that it doesn't even make contact with the stepped idle plate. I checked to see if the throttle plates were mis-aligned and holding open slightly. While I can barely see light through the sides around the shaft holes, the majority of the plate's circumference is making contact with the throttle bores.

Any ideas anyone has would be greatly appreciated.
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