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Originally Posted by 1969z28dz302 View Post
Is there a code on the trim tag, or something in the VIN to denote a Golden Anniversary '62 SS? Were these particular cars the only ones to get the trim tag code 927 "Anniversary Gold" paint...or was this color also available on other '62 Impalas also?
Was the trim tag code 891 (yellow/gold vinyl buckets) the only color offered for the interior of these cars?
Were they only offered as highly optioned, ie A/C, power windows, power brakes/steering, etc....?
Was there only one each offered to dealers (resulting in only about 300 being built)?

I hate misleading information on the internet. To answer your questions correctly, the 927 paint code didn't enter the salesman's catalogs until late September, although a few cars were built at Tarrytown in early September. Prior to January '62, the 927 paint code was available only on Sport Coupes and convertibles. After January, it was offered on all Impala models. The gold interior was the only color available with the 927 gold exterior, but the gold interior was also available with Tuxedo Black, Corona Cream & White exterior colors.
No options were required or typical on the 927 cars. They could be plain jane 6cyl cars or highly optioned Super Sport convertibles. Buyer's choice.
Any number of 1962 927 Impalas could have been ordered from each dealer. 1963 was the year that the Anniversary Gold cars were offered to each dealer (over 6800 at the time) and the 927 paint code was never listed in the dealer's catalogs for any customer to order one. They were only produced for a little over 2 months to serve as center pieces for dealer sales campaigns to celebrate the 50 Millionth Chevy built in June of '63.

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