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advice on new pump and cylinders for 67 vert

I was installing a used pump for my convertible top and discovered it is not working well. It runs for about 15 seconds and kicks off. I'm guess it has a thermal overload and is not worth fixing??

Question is, can this be easily repaired or should I just get a new one? Next question, Lares and AutoPro have about the same price. Which is better quality? Lares has a lifetime warranty although I don't have any experience with them. AutoPro has a 5 year warranty.

Also, I need 1 cylinder because one of mine has a small dent & you can feel it slightly catching. It works but I'm afraid to put it in and have a leak later on. Should I just replace both cylinders plus the hoses? My hoses are fine although are 50+ years old. I don't have any convertible experience to speak of prior to this.

Any advice? Thanks!
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