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I HIGHLY recommend changing the lines while you have everything apart. They are not that expensive, and if you have the OEM ones, at 50+ years old they are brittle and ready to leak. Mine literally fell apart when I touched them, spilling brake fluid everywhere. Just FYI.
So I did get the hydraulics working good. Ordered a new Lares pump, it works great (mostly).

My bleeding technique was to do it on the floor. install the cylinders and leave the two pump connectors in a bucket of ATF, and then pull the cylinders back and forth (was hard) while sucking up fluid and shaking the cylinders to get all the bubbles out. It worked well. Then I filled the new pump and connected the fittings and worked it back and forth with a battery and check the fluid level. It worked like a charm.

Finally installed into the car intact and didn't have to remove hoses. Just loosed one slightly to rotate a hose.

My only problem now is that I only replaced one cylinder because it was damaged. I didn't anticipate what would happen. The old cylinder works fine, but is noticeably easier to move. So one side goes quite a bit faster and the top goes up uneven. Not sure if the new cylinder will wear in and even out eventually, or if it will cause any problems. If you stop it for a second they even out. But I'd have replaced both if I had thought about that issue.

Lesson learned..
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