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Originally Posted by Brooksey View Post
It has a 7 blade clutch fan about 17 inches dia and it sticks about 1/2 inch above the top of the radiator
The new pics are better.

As compared to an OEM installation, the fan is not too big, the radiator is too 'short' for it (and it does not have a shroud).

What you 'fix' (I would not leave it as is; I'd saw something off) depends on how 'original' you want the car to look. Either 'fix' can be made to cool the engine.

Big Dave gave some good advice regarding the expansion 'tank'. The OEM radiator is 'tall' enough to have room (internal to the radiator) for expansion above the internal 'fins' (no external expansion tank; just a overflow tube). It is also 'tall' enough for the 17" fan. The radiator is filled only to cover the fins. Filling to the 'top' may cause nuisance overflows.

An alternative is a radiator with an external expansion tank that can be 'shorter'. Both work.

He is also right about the 4 blade fan. Because I was getting some temps I did not like at idle, I switched to this:

I rarely get above 190 (I have alum heads) and never above 200. The engine is always kept in proper timing.

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