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Moog was a part of Federal-Mogul that also included TRW. In 1999 a business conglomerate combined six different business (aircraft, pipelines, shipping, automotive, and trucking companies) bought Federal-Mogul. Like any money manager production took a back seat to cutting costs and maximizing profits for the stock holders (hence Moog parts being made in China). Dana-Spicer has held off take over bids so far, and though part of a world wide conglomerate, it is still head-quartered in the US.

Personally I use polyurethane parts instead of rubber ones made to Mil-Spec standards by Energy Suspension. That company supplies all of the bushings and plastic pads required for the US military. For ball joints and tie rod ends I look to US Made manufactures (keeping in mind any thing manufactured in the North American continent that is within a hundred miles of the border qualifies to bear the "Made in USA" label. Mexico and Canada actually have a better track record on parts in my opinion than the US does lately.

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