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66 impala frame replacement

I found some rust in my frame. Both sides lower area behind the front tire. The bottom of the frame, the top and upper bend seem good.

This is a coupe, nothing seems to be sagging yet, the doors, hood and trunk shut well.

I found a replacement frame for $1000, Looks to be in good shape.

Pics of the frame:
outside of front passenger side

inside of front passenger side

Driver side outside

driver side inside, before trans brace.

She's getting replaced...

replacement frame, got it blasted and powder coated.

Working on prepping the frame see my frame clip post.


As for frame bolts. my old ones are a mismatch of random 7/16"-14 original and new bolts.

But it looks like a found a good kit.

I bought a $25 bolt kit on Summit it was junk.
just 12 bolts 3.5" long and do not fit the back body mounts too long.

I found this one on Inline tube (aka - Motorcity Muscle Car)site. For a 1968-72 Pontiac A-Body looks like it is just the ticket. 12 bolts,2 different sizes, washers and 4 1" square nuts.

Little of the process to get the old bolts out...

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