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Factory Fitted Caliper Help ?

I have factory fitted 4 piston calipers on the 67 and are on the second rebuilt set in 4 years.
I have found out the hard way that having the car sit round doesn't help them either (Rust in bores).

I'm now getting a set stainless sleeved at a cost of $110 Aus a half (X 4 = $440) Yes expensive.........
My question is, can I use o'rings on the pistons or do I have still use the old lip design seals?
Do I need to change the pistons to newer one to use the o'rings?

I found on the Ecklers Corvette site a kit to change 65-82 year caliper to o'rings,

can I use that kit once I have sleeved my calipers?

That is I'm believing my 67 Impala calipers to be the same internally?

I know some of you would suggest just changing the whole front brake system over to Wilwood or the likes, but.
I have disk brake front spindles I'd need to change for new (CPP $159 pair) or second hand, wrecking yard (Aus - Nil, USA very few)

The new Wilwood brake kit is 140-12022 Summit Racing $902 USD ($1300 Aus + freight $3-400)
Affordable, yes but not original.

There is nothing wrong with the factory setup when working right, I'm more than happy to keep them.
I just need some advise if anyone can help,

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