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As for the Brake lines.. They fit OK. I think I'll have to adjust the front setup.

The right front brake line fits the frame well but at the master is where they are not consistent.

The left side is another story.

The rear line at the back of the frame is great but back at the Master... ???? %#%#%????

The distribution block on the frame circled in Red is not needed by inline tubes theory. The brake lines they sell are not setup for this.

The lines they sell are setup for the disk conversion kit they sell that uses a proportioning valve as seen in the picture.

The Green circled left side brake line provided by inline tube is too long to fit the prop valve or the distribution block. The Green arrow is where it is supposed to go. Even if you connect it to the soft line where they want it to go it is still way too long.

I'll need to create a new line to fit.

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